100,000 Poets for Change Santa Maria Valley

A gathering of poets celebrating and promoting social, environmental and political change through the arts and creating a safe space for expression .
Santa Maria, Ca
Queen of the night

There's a flower that literally blooms for maybe about 14 minutes in the middle of the night and then dies. And here, all you humans think there's always going to be a tomorrow.
Turn in early because adventures and shenanigans are for kids. 
You'll get a million chances to spread your petals and pollinate the world with your ideas, 
with your personality,
with your kids. 
But one day you'll meet her.
The queen of the night.
She blooms once. 
She blooms for a couple minutes.
And she blooms only in the dark.
She leaves a dark memento mori, 
Life is short 
And nobody expects the day of no tomorrow.
Santa Maria, Ca
Poetry is art. Writing is art. We all have our own unique way to formulate our thoughts, and some people (like myself) tend to think in word pictures and metaphors in order to solve our own problems, and sometimes the whole world's problems. Poetry is capturing abstract thought and using language skills to shape it into something beautiful.

I had always dabbled in writing, but I didn't really get into poetry until a group of my friends started hosting "Write Club" at their home, and a bunch of young people got together to share those pieces we all have hidden on our hard drives we might be embarrassed about. It was a super relaxed and supporting environment, and without them I would never have found this performance style that I've fallen so in love with. 

I love writing, I love theater. Slam poetry is both.

Now, I read every chance I get. The first time I competed was actually at a 100k PFC event, and now a couple years later here I am as a featured performer! Life is so funny sometimes.

I watch a lot of Button Poetry videos and the like on Youtube, and I've been known to advocate for spoken word over the written word with some of my friends and teachers.

My biggest influences are the friends I've let into my life, because when you surround yourself with creative, intelligent, outspoken people you are bound to be inspired. I'm also inspired by the meek, humble, and courageous friends of mine as well. I love people watching, and sometimes I carry a notebook with me (this I have become notorious for in some circles) to write down anything people say or do that I could in any way be used for poetic purposes. Great artists steal, right?
Color Me Tempted

They try to color me
Color who they perceive me to be
But the hues they assign and the hues I reflect
Do not visually align.
I heard growing up that gay people were just straight people who fell into temptation.
If that’s true, or you believe it to be,
Then color me tempted.
Color me a shade of shame you would not look
 at a 12 year old and expect her to know
Color me a shade of trying to tolerate myself out of loving who I am
color me and tell me I am just making a choice.
Color me impure.
Color me ostracized.
Color me marginalized.
Color me castrated.
Color me executed.
Color me “praying the gay away”
Color me letting my boyfriend tell me
 it’s okay because he thinks it’s hot.
Color me someone I’m not.
Color me same old song and dance.
Color me heard it all before.
Color me ladies looking in my eyes and thinking “whore.”
Color me breaking my heart when my mother cries
Because color her another gay kid and she hopes she dies
Color me 
I shouldn’t have to think you’re a good person 
for not trying to burn and beat every "faggot" you see.
They try to color me.              
They will color me
Even though I have already been colored
and they never color inside the lines already there.